Seal the Deal Team

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In a world where real estate agents are so difficult to tell apart.....What is hype? What is real? Who can truly get the job done?; as well as a world where the field of real estate is becoming increasingly specialized, it seems as though sameness is the way.   All realtors say they are the best! They have the best marketing, they go above and beyond etc., etc.  Award winning Realtor Maria Ward Davis and Roberta Lejeune, looked at this sea of trite slogans and sameness and said "Enough is Enough"! As individual Realtors, Maria had built an award winning business in both the sales and the customer service arena's.  Roberta Lejeune put such a high emphasis on relentless customer service and knowing her stats, coupled with sincere empathy that she was able to build a business where entire families and entire sets of friends all use her as their "go to" realtor.  They decided to put their heads together and form a team so that not only could they continue to provide homeowners amazing service and get the job done, but also so they could rise above the crowd and take the experience that their clients have selling or buying a home or investment property to a whole new level.   Roberta and Maria realize that for their clients to win in this market, they need to combine a "high tech-high touch" approach that works creatively with the whole real estate process to make it more human and transparent to their clients, while aggressively marketing and putting their over 35 years of negotiating experience to work for them.  With every closing Roberta and Maria give back to the community in two ways: 


     1.They make a donation to Habitat for Humanity with every sale.


     2.They have founded the Helping Hands Initiative. 


As one of their cherished clients, you will choose from a vetted list of Charities and Roberta and Maria will make a donation to the charity of your choice in your name.  The team is built with a heart of service and seeks to help as many families as possible. Roberta and Maria are supported by 2 buyer’s agents and a full time client care coordinator so that they can concentrate on aggressively marketing their listings.  Systems are in place so that client care is the priority!  In both the seacoast of NH and the North Shore of MA, The Seal the Deal Team is changing people’s real estate experience, one sale at a time!